TPP should not be ratified unless the interests of Canada are fully and fairly represented, in open, transparent deals.

Richard 'Hub' HughesDuring the past federal election Thomas Mulcair promised to oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Unfortunately, under the influence of and Hill and Knowlton advisors he also advanced another promise and that was to assure a balanced budget. That, without a doubt contributed to the NDP downfall.

thomas-mulcairLiberal leader Justin Trudeau positioned himself left of the NDP and was seen as the best hope of defeating the despised Stephen Harper Conservative government, which he did handily.

Now as Prime Minister, the very real fear is that he will sign on with the TPP as negotiated in secret by Stephen Harper’s unelected negotiators.

Justin TrudeauFew of us understand and comprehend the depth and scope of the agreement but we know that it is a capitulation to corporate rule that will dilute if not eliminate our government’s authority and ability to act on our behalf on many issues.

This letter was sent to our Federal Party leaders and is now offered here for your consideration.


By John K. Jeglum

To federal party leaders:

I am very much against the passing of the TPP, mainly because we the public don’t know whether it is a good deal or not–because the negotiators insist on keeping the deal under lock and key. The deal itself is large, and can only be honestly assessed with the help of trade experts and lawyers.

From what I have read, it seems that we could be exposing our resources, businesses, and environment to a whole host of multinational corporations and foreign governments.The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will allow giant corporations to overrule national governments through a system of secret corporate courts.
I herewith list some objections to the TPP:

Our jobs:
Tens of thousands of well-paid Canadian manufacturing jobs will be lost in the automotive and other sectors.

Our family farms and milk: American milk, which can include bovine growth hormone, will be allowed into the Canadian market, edging out our locally produced, hormone-free milk.

Our health care: Pharmaceutical patents will be extended, delaying the release of more affordable generic drugs and adding billions to our annual public health care bill.

Our mail: New rules will affect our crown corporations including Canada Post, opening the door to privatization.

Our environmental regulations: Canadian legislation and policies will be subject to lawsuits from foreign corporations, jeopardizing our environmental regulations and costing billions.

Our access to a free internet: Easy access to the internet is essential to maintaining the free flow of information and knowledge.

Our actions on climate change: The most urgent issue of the day is action to reduce emissions and the impacts of climate change. This goal may not be supported by multinational corporations, political parties, or foreign governments, if the climate action impinges on their profit or growth motives, or if the corporation’s objectives conflict with climate change measures.

Clearcutting of tropical rainforests: Palm oil corporations continue to clearcut native forests and replace with palm oil plantations, and exploiting migrant workers who are so often abused in the pursuit of palm oil profits.

Degradation of other forest, land, freshwater and ocean habitats and biodiversity: Productive habitats may be threatened by overexploitation by large multinational corporations. TPP should not be entered into unless appropriate safeguards and protections are ensured.

CONCLUSION: TPP should not be ratified unless the interests of Canada are fully and fairly represented, in open, transparent deals. Foreign corporations and foreign countries should not be able to exploit or take advantage of the people of Canada. It is time for fair trade deals that benefit and protect communities, businesses, the environment, and the people of Canada, not foreign corporations or countries. Our leaders should act responsibly to protect the citizens, economy, and environments of Canada.

With our resource-rich lands and waters, well-educated, innovative population, with abilities to negotiate for the deals that will help businesses, it makes no sense to give up control of broad areas of our resources, skills, and economic development. Canada should be able to arrange better-focused deals, in particular, trade areas than this broad, highly exposed and ill-defined trade deal.

John K. Jeglum
Victoria, BC




2 comments to TPP should not be ratified unless the interests of Canada are fully and fairly represented, in open, transparent deals.

  • Donna Cameron

    I fully agree with the above statements. There are other countries who are seeing the Investor State Dispute System as something they want removed before signing trade deals. The BRIC countries, Brazi, Russia, India and China, won’t sign deals with this dispute system in them. I think Australia also has said they won’t sign.
    We lose our sovereignty if we sign this deal.

  • Pamela Mac Neil

    A good start would be to make the negotiations on the TPP completely transparent. Let the Canadian public in. I am sick and tired of the secrecy surrounding crucial deals like the TPP, deals that fundamentally effect Canadian sovereignty.

    This our government and we need to be part of the decision making. For 9+ years, we had a government headed by Harper, that did almost everything in secrecy.His implementing of Neoliberal policy was done in complete secrecy.

    The TPP and other ‘trade’ deals that he signed were part of creating the Neoliberal infrastructure. I thought when we threw Harper out in Oct. we were taking our country and government back.I consider Neoliberalism and one its tools the TPP, the greatest threat to Canadian democracy.

    If the Liberals do not allow Canadian citizens to have transparency around whether this deal should be ratified or not then they are committing nothing short of treason. Saying no to the TPP is saying no to Neoliberalism.

    More importantly Canada would be saying no to global Neoliberalism headed by the US. Saying no to the American Empire is not an easy thing to do. It would take courage. I did not agree with some of the things Trudeau Sr. did but the man surely had courage.

    We’ll find out soon enough if his son does.John K. Jeglum wrote an excellent letter. The TPP whether ratified or not will be the defining moment of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister.

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