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The CVRD Politicians Passed A Motion Unanimously Opposing Steelhead LNG’s Proposal-Updated with (Video)

Richard 'Hub' Hughes


The CVRD Board of Directors passed this motion at their Board Meeting tonight.

‘That the CVRD advise Steelhead LNG that the Regional District is opposed to an LNG facility at Bamberton or anywhere else in the region.’

Unanaimous motions on controversial matters are not commonplace, which underlines the significance of the Directors closing ranks in solidarity of purpose.

CVRD Director-Cowichan Bay-Lori Iannidinardo

CVRD Director-Cowichan Bay-Lori Iannidinardo

Moved by Cowichan Bay’s Lori Iannidinardo and seconded by City of Duncan’s Sharon Jackson Directors lined up to speak and solidify the Boards intentions.

See the video here.

The clear direction comes on the heels of ‘Senior Staff’ telling politicians that they must remain neutral on a pending application from Steelhead LNG who had meet with Planning Manager Ross Blackwell.

Sharon Jackson-City of Duncan Councillor

Sharon Jackson-City of Duncan Councillor

Speaking out on issues is the stuff and substance of local politics. It is the responsibility of our elected officials to respond and take positions on issues pending, or in play.

However they must always be open and receptive fully considering any new information.

This serves as a heads up for CAO Brian Carruthers. He had better refocus and redirect his management staff, clarifying that their role does not include interfering in the political arena.

Residents through the Cowichan Valley were well served by the Boards actions opposing any LNG facilities setting up in the region.

Thank you CVRD Directors, you got it right!




8 comments to The CVRD Politicians Passed A Motion Unanimously Opposing Steelhead LNG’s Proposal-Updated with (Video)

  • carl schmidt

    The band aid has been applied but has the wound been healed? Yes we are pleased that our politicians have responded to the electorate, great, they responded with integrity but what about our six digit high paid senior staff? Did they realize they made a mistake? or did they slough it off as just another outside annoyance. Disgusting

  • Jeffrey Patterson

    Was then senior staff giving similar advice to CVRD directors when no definitive action was taken to enforce CVRD zoning by-laws re the dumping of soil on the SIA site on Stubbings Road – any soil from off-site, not just “contaminated” soil? Why was the permit application from the MoE not contested from these early days in the current issues involving the CVRD and the SIA?

  • Carl schmidt

    I applaud the cvrd directors on this move. Maybe staff have learned a valuable lesson

  • Siglind Tinsley

    Bravo Cowichan CVRD!! It just shows the power and influence a community has when working together!!

  • Shelagh Bell Irving- (Shemama)

    The clear direction comes on the heels of ‘Senior Staff’ telling politicians that they must remain neutral on a pending application from Steelhead LNG who had meet with Planning Manager Ross Blackwell.

    Lawrence Lewis just lost his gravy train and got FIRED

    Wonder if I am allowed on Malahat land again after my threatening letter from Lawrence banning me and trying to shut me up!!! how’d that work for you Lawrence?

    LNG money laundering scheme is collapsing very quickly!!!
    Thank you CVRD

  • Kevin Logan

    What happened? Last week the CVRD had no choice but to sit down shut up and be neutral!


    Excellent work. This project proposal is being stick handled by sheisters with BC lib connections. There is no upside for anyone who is not an insider, a BC Liberal or a greased palm.

    Great to see the CVRD found their voice on this one.

    Next step, ensure MFN is able to dislodge Lawrence and assert the new Chief’s political will of accountability, transparency and moving forward with genuine authenticity.

  • Well done! I spent many younger years in this area and like Howe Sound where I live now, it must remain untouchable. This can only be assured when we all make it clear to the half wits Christy and Gumshoe, that we the people are determined to fight, and CVRD directors just did that.
    Churchill, who knew a bit about fighting said “Never, never,never, never, never give in”, very appropriate advice for all who stand up for Saanich Inlet and Howe Sound.
    Keep punching!

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