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Elizabeth May slams Harper government's treatment of humpback whales

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You First Stephen!

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9761275BC Hydro Cited For Poor Site Management and Lack Of Monitoring

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Putin, Petrorubles and Our PM's Bad Posture

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Corporate-waste-management-group-linked-to-incinerator-plansMMBC could feed incinerators, put local recyclers out of business

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Vermont Makes Huge Advance for your "Right to Know"

chThis video from Maple Leaf Foods’ chicken hatchery in Ontario will make you lose your lunch

5597cowichanA1Mar1914wolfWolf trapped and shot by conservation officers

Heartbleed-Refresh Timely Heartbleed Information Warning from Mashable.com


Steve Harper Is Selling Canada Out. Mussolini Called It Corporatism!

Although this is funny, it is not. It is not funny!

1 comment to Steve Harper Is Selling Canada Out. Mussolini Called It Corporatism!

  • Rob Dresser

    Hi Richard. Heather Mallick points out in today’s TorStar that the Nexen deal is notice that Northern Gateway is a done deal, Tory claims to the contrary. The environmental hearings are a sham. Beijing didn’t pay a 60% premium for Nexen without a side deal to get the product to the coast.

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