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Both the BC NDP and the BC Liberal’s Support Shale Gas Fracking!

Richard Hub Hughes-Political Blogger

Fracking is the latest profit making bonanza for the already too rich and powerful oil and gas corporations and they seem to have our politicians by the throat.

Kicking out the BC Liberals is the answer to many of our social and economic ills, but continuing with the dangerous and environmentally damaging process of fracking is a deal with the devil that we cannot afford.

You can try to dress it up but when push comes to shove ‘Fracking’ is BC’s ‘Tar Sands’ with a great many of the same environmentally destructive downsides.

Energy Minister-Rich Coleman- Failed to disclose the realities of fracking.

Much of the BC shale gas product is directly tied to the ‘Alberta Tar Sands’ as it is. This will expand dramatically if we allow BC Natural Gas to be fracked and then used to fuel bitumen production. The Tar Sands and fracking both have an almost unquenchable demand for water.

The water will come from where exactly, and where will the chemical cocktail used to release the natural gas magically disappear to?

So how do you feel about the ’Site ‘C’ Dam proposal that the BC Liberal’s see as a key component in the bigger scheme of things? As night follows day the unholy relationship with the Tar Sands crowd puts the Site ‘C’ Dam proposal very much in the mix.

John Horgan – NDP Energy Critic

The BC NDP have watched as the BC Liberal’s have expanded fracking for natural gas and they have had every opportunity to address the dangers and ring the bell on the risky practise.

And yet we are being told that it is OK because our shale gas deposits are deeper, below the water table. If that is the case then more chemicals and more water will be needed. Much more.

The BC NDP have chosen to speak to the benefits of fracking with enthusiasm. It seems that they are turning their back on science, the environment and in a great many cases NDP supporters who are shocked and dismayed at their stance.

Instead of standing with those who are knowledgeable about the threats of fracking the BC NDP have been bullish, no doubt with an eye to  the cash cow opportunities fracking provides.

It is a deal with the devil at best.

It is admittedly easier than instituting fair taxation policies to counter the decade of tax breaks, cutbacks and wealth transfer bonanzas started by Gordon Campbell and enthusiastically continued by Christy Clark, our yet to face the voters Premier.

It may seem easier for the BC NDP to just carry on but that is dangerous thinking. It is not what the Social Democrat’s are supposed to be about.

George Heyman-NDP Candidate-Vancouver Fairview

Former BCGEU President and Executive Director of the Sierra Club George Heyman won the nomination in Vancouver-Fraserview and is well known to been a green leaning anti fracking politican.

He and those who support environmental responsibility are on a collision course with NDP Leader Adrian Dix and House Leader and Energy Critic John Horgan.

He is well connected and seems politically savvy. Will he be whipped into line, if elected?

Will the NDP power structure be able to harness and redirect Heyman’s opposition or is the NDP in for a showdown in the party over an issue that the NDP should never have been so enthused about  in the first place?

BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix – Bullish on Fracking!.

It does not have to be this way. It is time that the NDP leadership recognized that  getting into bed with the disreputable fracking industry is not the behaviour that will allow us to hold up our heads in the morning. It is not in the public interest.

The people of BC deserve to be told the full undiluted truth about fracking.

Disclosure has not been provided in a full and comphrehensive manner. The BC Liberal’s failed us in that regard. Neither party has shed light on the controversial realities of fracking.

Premier Clark, Energy Minister Rich Coleman you have failed to tell the BC Voters the full story of what you have been up to with the pursuit of Fracked Natural Gas.

Mr. Dix we need fair and decent taxation policies so that we can put our province back together again, but fracking is a short cut.

Be a true NDP leader, tell the truth and shame the devil.


1 comment to Both the BC NDP and the BC Liberal’s Support Shale Gas Fracking!

  • Kerry Davis

    It is the people of BC who will be footing the bill for the Site C dam and subsidizing the electricity it is providing to the fracking industry. Premier Clark is also waiving the carbon tax on fracked gas if it is to be used to generate electricity for the other boondoggle in this sad story: Liquefied Natural Gas. They all see dollar signs because they think they can sell LNG to Asia for 5 times the North American price. Not likely… BC is about 5th in that race where 2nd place is the first loser and Asia has also bought LNG from Alaska recently at the North American price.
    Fellow Green Party of BC candidate Dr. Andrew Weaver and I are intending on making fracking an election issue.

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