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A Number of People Should Go to Jail for What Has Been Done to BC Hydro!

Richard Hub Hughes-Political Blogger

Damien Gillis from the Commonsense Canadian produced and made available this excellent interview.

It is most revealing and an opportunity to hear from two men who know their onions about the hijacking of our once seemingly rock solid BC Hydro.

It is shocking to say the least. Rafe questions economist Erik Anderson about the real story of what is happening and what has happened to BC Hydro, and why.

Damien Gillis “Part 1 of Rafe Mair’s July 2012 interview with economist Andersen, delving deep into BC’s troubled energy situation, including BC Hydro’s broken forecasting model, rip-off private power projects, and massive debt and Enron-style accounting practices at our public utility – all driven by the shadowy private American corporation to which we’ve unwittingly handed over our energy sovereignty.”

Yes, the BC NDP will most likely win the May 2013 Provincial Election and what a mess they will be left. We must change direction in regards to energy policy and it is going to be a long hard road to get there.

It is expected that John Horgan the BC NDP House Leader and Energy Critic will be tapped by Premier Dix to become the next Energy Minister. The good news is he is most probably the most knowledgeable of our elected officials to take on the task.

Enjoy the interview below and prepare for changes unscrambling the scandalous dogs breakfast that the BC Liberals have left us.


3 comments to A Number of People Should Go to Jail for What Has Been Done to BC Hydro!

  • [...] 2012/08/09: RHughes: A Number of People Should Go to Jail for What Has Been Done to BC Hydro! [...]

  • David Yagin

    This article is completely misleading and incorrect.

    Fact: The price of existing IPP power is $30 to $50 a MWh, while cost of new IPP construction is about $68 a MWh.

    Compare this to Site C at $101 a MWh or BC Hydro’s John Hart refurbishment at $125 a MWh.

    And MidC price being spot, dirty and GHG producing is about $76 a MWh.

    Consumer price for power is $83 a MWh.

    Furthermore outstanding contracts to IPPs is not more than $7 billion in which BC Hydro receives power worth more than $10 billion.

    So we see BC Hydro is being subsidized while IPPs produce clean and renewable power below market prices and well below BC Hydro costs.

  • Well I see that we have attracted the attention of the shills for the privitization of electric power in BC.

    This groups ties to IPP links and the BC Liberal party are well established.Of course they would not like my suggestion that a number of people should go to jail for the fleecing of the taxpayers owned BC Hydro.

    Their blog BCCGE Livewire-www.greenenergybc.ca is as brown as it gets.

    Here is a revealing article by Christopher Pollen that reveals the real agenda of this lot.


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