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The Alberta Tar Sands-Canada’s Curse

BC Liberals Energy Policies demand scrutiny

If we ever needed proof that our country’s political structures are inadequate and unprepared to meet the challenges facing Canada today, the Canada-China Trade Deal, FIPPA, is that proof.

While PM Stephen Harper may enjoy running with the big dogs the goal of capitalizing the Alberta Tar Sands trumps the environment, our economy and our sovereignty.

Commodity Prices are dropping and the drive to cash in, has it seems, caused our Prime Minister to throw all caution to the wind  as he is about to sign a long term deal with China’s Communist Party’s State Corporations to allow their  inclusion in our energy and mining sectors with a very firm and strong hand. Canada’s hand is left weak, diminished and subservient.

PM Steve Harper- A little dog, running with the big dogs

Is it possible that he would sell us out for the benefit of the capital forces invested in the Tar Sands?

How else can it be explained?

The benefits accruing to governments from the investment would, or will, be eclipsed by the one sided trade deal that disadvantages Canada and threatens our economic sovereignty.

These are notions that once mattered to Canada, to us all.

Windmills-Palm Springs, California

We have already sacrificed much of northern Alberta all in the name of corporate profit. The Alberta Tar Sands is disastrous to the environment, demands massive amounts of water and offer precious little for the rest of  us.

I do not buy the economic arguments that we must do this in the manner presently embraced by our governing politicians.

The truth on economic, social, environmental and political fronts is that we must stop, or alter the exporting of  bitumen. Bitumen should be processed here, if at all, and the refined product shipped east to energy thirsty Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

We should be increasing our use of solar energy

Canada’s wealth has always been directly linked to our environment. Destroying it for foreign corporate profit is irresponsible madness on countless levels.

These are our resources. Why are we allowing our governments to hand the keys to  foreign corporations in exhange for tax revenue?Why are we doing business with the ruthless  authoritarian Chinese Communist-Capitalists?

What have they got that we could not make here as well or better?

We have been sold down the river through existing free trade agreements that let corporations shut down factories and manufacturing, lay off workers, decimate communities, all so that we can get a bargain at Walmart! Some bargain!

Recent leadership changes in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hierarchy throws, ahem, reform and modernization out the window.

We used to be a country that fought for and defended democracy. Now with Harper we are preparing to aid and abet China a brutal authoritarian regime.

Are we incapable of standing up and speaking truths about this deplorable, unthinkable assault on our country courtesy of PM Harper.

There have been many writers, native leaders, environmentalists, thinkers, blogger and columnists speaking to these matters but frankly not much of substance from our national political opposition parties, and not a peep out of the whipped useless Conservative MP’s.

The Liberals will probably fall into line, but sadly the New Democrats have now decided to embrace free trade agreements.

Mulcair is seeking respect and validation from his opponents Bob Rae and Harper who responded that the NDP were against all free trade agreements.

Mulcair countered with he was not against all trade agreements but opposed the Harper style sellout of Canada.

Oh, I remember that Mulcair said that he would rescinding the China Trade Deal if he forms the next government but somebody had better show him the conditions that Harper has negotiated with the Chinese.

Thomas Mulcair-NDP Leader showing weakness on so called free trade deals.

We would be taken before a court in China and be judged by a three person panel, only one member from Canada, and even then he-she would probably be a Harper sidekick.

It is so clear that Canada needs strong opposition parties more than ever.

This is a time when we need real leadership. Who will stand up and tell it like it is, other than Rick Mercer?

In case you missed this RMR on the FIPPA enjoy here the biting humour and truth telling here.


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