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Deal Made On Fiscal Cliff, Maybe!

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger


After months of entrenched Republican intransigence and unwillingness to actually, ahem, tax the rich a deal is in the works that could avert millions being denied unemployment benefits and tax increases for the middle class especially.




Tentative Deal Is Reached to Raise Taxes on the Wealthy

The fiscal cliff is nigh; Senators strike deal, House won’t vote
By Matt Smith, CNN (VIDEO)

Fiscal cliff deadline to pass as Senate readies for vote.
Richard Adams-Guardian U.K.

US Lawmakers Reach deal-Aljazerrah

1 comment to Deal Made On Fiscal Cliff, Maybe!

  • Kevin Logan

    Headline should read

    Obama turns Fictional “Cliff” into Factual “Cave in”

    After running an election on reigning in military spending and restoring fair taxation in the wake of the Bush Tax cut era, Obama collapses, defers military spending cuts and modestly raises taxes on those pulling in over a half a million a year, or 2 percent of the population.

    Stunning display of incompetence or a remarkable example of democratic collaboration with the the wealthy and powerful whose self serving agenda has put the very purpose of America at risk.

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