BC NDP Jump into Bed with the BC Liberals–There is no way back, the deal is done, the sellout is complete!

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

What a sad turn of events for British Columbians it is to see John Horgan, leader of the BC NDP, stand up and sing off the same song sheet as Christy Clark and her crew selling out our economic sovereignty and our future environment to foreign state owned corporations.

BC citizens are not buying what either of the major parties are selling us on this discredited fracking LNG debacle.


Two-thirds polled don’t trust B.C. gov’t over LNG:

BC’s lone Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver and  Independent Vicki Huntington voted against the sellout.Weaver offered this response to the BC Liberal-BC NDP Pact on LNG.

LNG tax legislation rushed at expense of British Columbians


9 comments to BC NDP Jump into Bed with the BC Liberals–There is no way back, the deal is done, the sellout is complete!

  • Jonathan Noakes

    I would say that the sellout was complete when the NDP threw the election last year…

  • Ralph Hull

    It looks like GREEN all the way now. I liked John Horgan but not if fracking is involved. So is fracking necessary for LNG?

  • Ralph Hull

    Richard ~ did you know that a commercial comes on for TransCanada pipelines when you touch on Ghomeshi story? Was kind of shocking.

  • Ralph Hull

    Question ~ what percentage of the LNG industry involves fracking? Fracking will become the second worst environmental disaster to hit Earth, behind nuclear. Way behind nuclear but right up there. Must stop fracking! Can LNG happen without fracking? I am unknowing so please need an answer.

  • Larry Woodruff

    the NDP have been flip-flopping like a fish out of water for quite a while –guess John is just a puppet with no backbone being jerked around by Adrian or back room policy –it certainly says a lot — there has been many opportunities for John and his party to show BC citizens what they are made of and appear on the mountain– BC First Nation Leaders did show up and support the imitative but John and the NDP were conspicuous by their absence– Joining Christie is joining the Conservatives– she is so far up Stevie’s backside you cannot tell there are two of them– Maybe someone should tell Justin his BC liberals have a leader who has taken them across the street — I know personally the only party getting my vote in the next election is the greens for they are the only ones living in this century and showing some common sense.

  • Well, this makes me relieved in fact.

    As you know I’ve been bothered by the NDP’s political irrelevance and social justice uselesness and have been boring one and all with my claim that “Social Democracy”, ie, pacify the workers for the bosses, is no longer a desireable political position.

    Bothered no more. It is now clear. The BCNDP is ipso facto Right Wing.

    Vote Green!

  • Don Skerik

    we have 2 mla’s Bill and Doug Routley and MP Jean Crowder. Why are they not supporting this amendment as well as not supporting those on Burnaby Mountain. Their silence is deafening!

  • John Scull

    Not since Carole James’s “Axe the Tax” campaign has the NDP’s lack of concern about the future been so obvious. Don’t they realize that social justice depends on a healthy environment and a stable climate?

    Why isn’t the NDP caucus on Burnaby Mountain? Why are the voting for the government’s fracking plans? Who does the NDP represent?

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