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missing-Nicholas-CockburnUPDATED WITH VIDEO: Victoria Police are asking for your help to locate a missing 14 year old

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper rises to his feet to take journalist's questions after making a policy statement promising federal funding for a Toronto transit project during a speech at a Toronto Transit Commission depot in Toronto on Thursday, June 18, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

Canada's PM Harper speaks during a Conservative caucus meeting on Parliament Hill in OttawaHarper facing questions after PMO staffer spotted talking to witness at Duffy trial

Harper Great and Powerful looking ever more like the cowardly lion

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair smiles while campaigning  in Stratford, Ont., on Wednesday, August 26, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn
NDP policy manual removed from party's website because it "is not the platform": NDP advisor

calgarySkylineNDP Strength in Calgary-Foothills Riding Suggests May 5th Election Was No Fluke - And Could rattle Conservatives Narrative

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau
Liberal leader Justin Trudeau promises more flexible parental leave

Thomas Mulcair-Leader of the NDP-Looking for love in all the wrong places.
Would an NDP win mean the end of Canada?

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau speaks to supporters during a campaign stop in Newmarket, Ont., on Wednesday, August 26, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson
Trudeau: Balancing Budget An Exercise That Could Take Years

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair

Canada Election 2015: Women's Issues Debate Cancelled After Mulcair Bails

OSHAWA -- Harry Leslie Smith was the guest speaker at Stand Up for Progess National Tour, hosted by the Broadbent Institute, at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. July 29, 2015
‘Cruelty’ of 1920s and 1930s emerging in Canada, author warns Oshawa audience

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May
Green Party promises to update 'anti-feminist,' inaccurate platform

11318382Boat strike blamed for young killer whale's wound

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May
New Insights West poll shows surging Greens

stephen-harperConservatives have lost edge they had on the economy, polls suggest

KissingerKissinger: ‘Breaking Russia Has Become Objective For US’

chris_darimont_uvic_photo_0Human 'super predators' destroying our own sustenance: study

drone_dleiveryWatch: Drone Delivers Marijuana Order to San Francisco Park

slide_292683_2354850_freeHow the Harper Government Committed a Knowledge Massacre

b-c-legislature-photoPremier announces fall sitting of B.C. legislature

research-library-closure-in-lethbridgeResearch library's closure shows Harper government targets science 'at every turn,' union says

Harper-Family-RCMP-sizedHarper Children Must Appear in All News Photos of PM Canadian Media Told

21JPSANDERS-master675Bernie Sanders Draws Big Crowds to His ‘Political Revolution’

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper rises to his feet to take journalist's questions after making a policy statement promising federal funding for a Toronto transit project during a speech at a Toronto Transit Commission depot in Toronto on Thursday, June 18, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young
The Harper article that taught us to get angry again

naomi_kleinNaomi Klein- Don't Look Away Now The Climate Crisis Needs You.

stephen-harper-16Andrew Coyne: Sympathy for Harper — imagine learning everyone you trusted lied to you"

fedelxn_ndp_20150819Mulcair Promises NDP Will Invest 250 Million In Front Line Police Officers Across Canada

mayobserver3complete_1How Elizabeth May plans to topple Harper

5218Islamic leaders issue bold call for rapid phase out of fossil fuels

11296419Mulcair promises $9M for disaster preparedness, training programs

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau holds rally with Kathleen Wynne in Toronto

stephen-harper-300x206Stephen Harper criticized in international newspapers.VIDEO

harperStephen Harper to receive 'world statesman' award from Appeal of Conscience Foundation

elizabeth-may-and-stephen-harperHarper Says He Found Elizabeth May’s Cleavage Distracting During Debate

kjewishterroristUri Avnery-The Kahanists and the other fascist groups in today's Israel are far more dangerous than most people believe.

ISIS-CIA-cooperation-400x266Officials: Islamic State Arose from US support for al-Qaeda in Iraq

justin-trudeau-20150816Justin Trudeau, armed with promise of tax relief, campaigns in Ontario suburbs

Another-35-people-quit-NEBs-Kinder-Morgan-pipeline-reviewAnother 35 intervenors abandon ship on NEB’s Kinder Morgan review

leadnow-volunteer-610pxHow Leadnow Will Push Strategic Voting to Defeat Tories

WheeldonThe NDP stumbles over Palestinian political correctness

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair speaks to supporters during a campaign stop on Mount Royal Tuesday, August 4, 2015  in Montreal. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz
NDP would lead a minority government if elections held today, Tories slip to third: Léger poll

jeremy-corbyn-610pxCanadians Take Note: Left Populism Is Rising Up

Donald Bayne, lawyer for former Conservative senator Mike Duffy, arrives at the courthouse in Ottawa on Friday, Aug. 14, 2015. Duffy is facing 31 counts of breach of trust, fraud and bribery. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand
Duffy trial: Bayne tries to link Harper to PMO damage-control cabal

debateharper1_150806Sunday New York Times will feature a smackdown of Stephen Harper

thomas-mulcair-is-cracking-down-on-pro-palestinian-sentiment-in-the-ndp-body-image-1439503769-size_1000Thomas Mulcair is Cracking Down on Pro-Palestinian Sentiment in the NDP

VCRD108_Enbridge_Pipeline_Protest_20131116B.C. lawyer gagged from discussing hearing into alleged CSIS spying on pipeline protesters

burning-gmoHungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

mike_duffy_4_0Wright's emails reveal a controlling and manipulative PMO

friends-around-campfire300B.C. campfire ban violators intimidating conservation officers who try to stop them

10771396334_2b42fd3f23_zLinda McQuaig is right: Leave the oil in the soil

IMG_0548_3EXCLUSIVE: Site C Dam ‘Devastating’ for British Columbians, Says Former CEO of BC Hydro

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, right, stands with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, during a welcoming ceremony at the Prime Minister's office in Jerusalem, Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014.  Harper is on an official visit to the region. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)
Canada Helps Block UN Plan To Rid World Of Nukes, Citing Israel Defence

Bernie SandersBorowitz--Sanders Shamelessly Pandering to Voters Who Want to Hear Truth

sinclair-stevens-300pxFormer PCs Aim to Oust Conservatives Via Vote Siphoning

Pacific_oysters-1140x64131 sick: Restaurants ordered to cook all oysters from B.C.

tar_sands_united_church__0United Church of Canada cuts ties with Big Oil

blood_orangeMulcair's orange purge of pro-Palestinian candidates will come back to haunt him

frances-kelsey-jpgGeoff Johnson: Dr. Frances Kelsey showed students true greatness

Thomas Mulcair smilingMulcair touts fiscal credentials of NDP governments past

vegetable-garden-sunshine-coast-restrictionsSunshine Coast watering restrictions may threaten food security, says farmer

lindamcquaig.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxSeth Klein--In our politics, telling the truth gets you in trouble


Rafe:–The Christy Clark Excuse For a Government and The BC NDP’s Lack Of Opposition Vigour

Rafe Mair

Rafe Mair


Dear Richard

Your article of yesterday is very disturbing in a number of ways. Quite by coincidence, the following story appears on the CBC

A leading seismic scientist says B.C.’s energy infrastructure and gasfield workers may be vulnerable to earthquakes caused by fracking.

Earthquakes triggered by fracking have been felt in Fort Nelson and Fort St. John, but University of Calgary geophysicist David Eaton says the shaking is strongest in remote areas near fracking sites.

“Certainly in the immediate area where there’s infrastructure established by the oil and gas industry, including pipelines and well bore casings, then it’s something that really requires some careful analysis,” said Eaton.

Premier Christy Clark

Premier Christy Clark

Because we have been brainwashed, mainly through a lack of a proper opposition, we somehow don’t connect these two stories. It’s almost as if trouble with the foundation of a building was no concern of those on the 15th floor.

The governments of this province, going back a decade or more, but most especially this government, has done nothing to investigate the entire process of producing LNG as well as the shipping of the natural gas, it’s conversion into LNG, and it’s shipping to market.

The Christy Clark excuse for a government gives us no option but to accept the word of industry which somehow, is never terribly self-critical.

It’s awful thing to say but industry doesn’t even concern itself with the safety of workers and others and never has. Every safety measure has been achieved by strong opposition to laissez-faire in industry and nothing has changed.

BC NDP Leader John Horgan

BC NDP Leader John Horgan

This is not an anti-business screed – one cannot expect industry to be any different than anyone else having its own self interest and obligations foremost in it’s decision-making.

They are expected to provide dividends for their shareholders – the government is expected to see that they do so properly, honestly, and with due regard for their workers.

What is the crime, if I may use that word, is the lack of opposition holding industry’s and government’s feet to the fire.

I write this because those who live on Vancouver Island generally and specifically those who live in your region are standing alone against the evil of a rapacious industry and a greedy, and I might add, grossly negligent government.

Rafe-Howe Sound Needs Public SupportI In Face Of Woodfibre-LNG ProposalProposal

Rafe-Howe Sound Needs Public SupportI In Face Of Woodfibre-LNG ProposalProposal

We are in the Howe Sound area know what that’s like. We have them fighting the proposed Woodfibre LNG plant for years without any help whatsoever from our MLA, MP or the NDP.

There was a time, for example, if I may say so, when I was in government, that the leader of the opposition, Dave Barrett, would have assigned one of his MLAs to support us and help us in our fight.

This is not my first attack in these pages against the current NDP and its leader John Horgan. When I do make these criticisms invariably somebody accuses me of being anti-NDP from experiences in days of yore.

All I can say is that those were very different days indeed.

Dave BArrett

Former BC NDP Premier Dave Barrett

Let me use this example. There is one law for the East Coast and one for the West Coast with respect to LNG tankers. Harper’s government has banned them with damning rhetoric in the House of Commons on the East Coast yet he can’t get enough of them on the West Coast.

This issue seems to be taboo and no politician wants to touch it! Why? Is it somehow unCanadian to point out that we’re getting royally screwed by Ottawa’s bias on the West Coast of this country?

My question is this – can you imagine this situation in past years without a massive response from Premier WAC Bennett, Premier Dave Barrett, or Premier Bill Bennett?

Former BC Social Credit Premier WAC Bennett

Former BC Social Credit Premier WAC Bennett

On the same theme can you imagine the Bill Bennett government, of which I was a part, getting away with what Christy Clark does?

Can you imagine Dave Barrett and his very able front benchers sitting on their hands and watching us destroy the Province without a murmur?

I am afraid that the public often misinterprets vigorous opposition as personal hatred. Certainly in my case that never existed on either side and I might tell say that despite being one of his most vociferous political foes, I was honoured to be invited Dave Barrett’s 80th birthday party, being so far as I could tell, the only Socred to be there. I was treated cordially by all,

Now to the meat of the matter. You are going through a considerable struggle with the “Establishment”. Unhappily, that “Establishment” also includes the official Opposition, and its leader, if that’s the right word, John Horgan.

Former BC Social Credit Premier Bill Bennett

Former BC Social Credit Premier Bill Bennett

You are entitled to the ear if not succour and support of the Official Opposition and you’re not going to get it.

The Official Opposition in our system is an extremely important and honourable position. Its ancient duty is to hold the government strictly to account on everything they do, however meritorious it may seem.

I have used this phrase before but it is one of the most apt political maxims I know – “it is the duty of the opposition to a oppose“. So said Lord Randolph Churchill in the 1880s and it is as appropriate today as It was then.

Let me close by giving you the benefit of our experience in Howe Sound this matter. We have no one in the provincial legislature save Dr. Andrew Weaver of the Green Party to speak for us, advise us and help us.

Andrew Weaver BC Green Party MLA

Andrew Weaver BC Green Party MLA

We are bereft of all political assistance in a system where that is supposed to be provided and traditionally always has been provided by the opposition. We have been left with a member of Parliament and a member of the Legislature who have been less useful than tits on a bull.

Neither John Weston MP nor Jordan Sturdy MLA will consult with us or even answer our mail much less take our concerns to their governments. Nearby NDP members are nowhere to be seen.

I find this astonishing. As a former member of the BC cabinet I did not expect us to get away with anything at all without an outpouring of anger from across the aisle. This was expected and as it should be.

What the hell does John Horgan think that his duty is in our parliamentary system? To cozy up to the premier and make polite little noises of concern once in a while but at the end of the day signing where he is told to sign?


Steelhead LNG and Malahat Nation Cut Deal To Bring LNG Project To Saanich Inlet

There is a great misapprehension abroad that the opposition ought to support things the government are doing which are good. Leaving aside motherhood issues, this is nonsense.

No matter how good the government policy is, the public will never know all of the details, where the bodies are buried, where the problems might be, where the unattended consequences might show up, unless it is fully cross-examined word by word before the government gets to pass it.


What the public – and John Horgan – must understand is that there is absolutely nothing inconsistent with that – under those circumstances the opposition has done exactly what Lord Randolph said they should do and they have performed their duty to the public by making sure the government policy is meritorious.

Until you can’t get the opposition to behave as they ought to in a parliamentary democracy, you’ll be on your own and I can only suggest that you do as we are doing in Howe Sound, fight like hell, never give up and don’t expect anybody else to help you.

I am reminded of David Low’s famous cartoon in 1940, when France fell. He showed a British Tommy, standing on the cliffs of Dover, shaking his fist at incoming aircraft, and saying “very well,  alone”.

Sir David Low cartoon, showing a British soldier in 1940 Caption reads:"Very Well, Alone"

Sir David Low cartoon, showing a British soldier in 1940
Caption reads:”Very Well, Alone”


Steelhead LNG-Malahat Nation Plans Proceed. Chief Michael Harry And Council Have Resigned!

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

We may be in the throes of a Federal Election and trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer but the Steelhead LNG-Malahat Nation proposal to establish a floating LNG

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BC Green’s Adam Olsen Is Opposed To An LNG Facility in the Saanich Inlet

Adam Olsen-Interim President BC Greens

BC Green Interim President Adam Olsen attended the Steelhead LNG Malahat Nation announcement of plans to build a floating LNG facility in the Saanich Inlet. His response is contained in this article below.


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I am in total sympathy with the Malahat First Nation’s desire to create a solid financial base.

Saanich Inlet

By Dorothy Field

In my Cobble Hill days, I spent about five years fighting David Butterfield’s proposed “village” at the Bamberton site on steep shores above the Saanich Inlet.

With dedication and hard work,

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Butch the Rooster-Watch Out for Him During this Election Period. An Election Classic!



Butch the RoosterSarah was in the fertilized egg business. She had several hundred young pullets and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs. She kept records and any rooster not performing went into the

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Rafe Mair’s ‘State of the Union’ on Canadian environmental politics

Rafe Mair


Rafe Mair’s take on the state of Canada today is compelling, instructive and a reality check for those of us following the federal elections through the lens of the sad sack tattered media.

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Water Shortages Dictate Changes Whether We Like It Or Not–Freeze All Residential Rezoning–Raise The Weir.


Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Rainy days, especially rainy summer days are but sweet memories for those of living on the ‘Left Coast.’ The reality is hitting home. Forest fires raging through areas where forest fires

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Margaret Atwood column pulled, re-posted on National Post website


One of the advantages of the second longest campaign in Canadian history is that there is more time for voters and pundits to observe and comment on the various leaders, parties and issues. What Harper

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Green Party Interim President Responds to Steelhead LNG -Malahat Nation LNG Announcement-Audio


The BC Greens Interim leader came out shortly after the Steelhead-Malahat Nation public announcement.

Here is a release from Adam Olsen Interim BC Green Leader.


Malahat LNG by Adam Olsen Interim President BC

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Thomas Mulcair To Hecklers-Show A Little Respect To First Nations!

Thomas Mulcair smiling


Malahat Nation- Steelhead LNG Deal Suspect! — Chief and Band Resigned! Updated

Steelhead logo

There is an odious smell emanating from this proposed deal.

The BC Government’s involvement through this via Treaty negotiations raises many questions.

This LNG proposal has been under negotiation for over 13 months.


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Malahat Nation and Steelhead LNG to Announce an LNG project.

Malahat logo

Cowichan Conversations broke the story of an impending LNG Project announcement August 9th.

Since then Chief Michael Harry has resigned following allegations of his accepting funds from South Island Aggregates. (SIA)

This latest development has

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Welcome the Duncan Journal to the Media Mix In Cowichan


Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

In the hurly burly world of newspapers, we welcome the latest entrant the Duncan Journal headed up by Nick Caumanns, Laurie Thomson and Rick Saare.

Both Nick Caumanns and Laurie Thompson,

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Stephen Harper’s Old Yeller

Steve and his Dad out on the back 40!

John Dozorsky from the Ukranian Canadian Congress and of course our PM Steve


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John Koury Withdraws From Tory Nomination Process-Endorses Martin Barker

John Koury

News Release August 17, 2015

John Koury Withdraws From Tory Nomination Process

John Koury

Duncan BC – Recent North Cowichan Councillor and Conservative Candidate hopeful, John Koury, announced today that he is withdrawing his

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Tory Hopeful Martin Barker Has Posted That John Koury Has Withdrawn From Race

John Koury

Longtime Conservative activist, candidate and former North Cowichan Councillor John Koury is no longer pursuing the Cowichan Malahat Langford nomination to represent the Conservatives in the federal election.

There are more questions than answers at

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Justin Trudeau Says He Is Not Ready — For More of Steve Harper’s Government



NDP Candidate Alistair MacGregor’s Duncan Office Opening

Alistair Victory


Many thanks to the 150+ supporters who came out to the opening of my Duncan Campaign Office! We raised funds to help pay for the office, collected over 120 new volunteers and

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Harper Haters Will Love This New York Times Op-Ed


Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada, is creating a legacy of secrecy and ignorance. Photo Credit Mark Blinch/Reuters



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Neil Young Snubs Donald Trump,


Neil Young snubs Donald Trump, gives “Rockin’ in the Free World” to Bernie Sanders


Criticizing Israel’s Politics Isn’t Anti-Semitism


The political hijacking of nominated candidates right to speak out is of serious consequence to all Canadians.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair have both been severe and irrational, if not self

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PBS The Man Who Saved The World- The Cuban Crisis



Veterans Declare War on Harper


With the ever growing number of groups angry with Stephen Harper, and with the voter participation issue an unknown, there could be some big surprises on Election day, Oct 19th.

What really makes this fascinating

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CBC-Take A Minute And Enjoy The Orcas At Play


Nearly 50 orcas belonging to the J and L pods were captured on video travelling through B.C.’s Active Pass near Galiano Island on Sunday.

Gary Cullen shot video of the whales, including a baby

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Tories’ false claims about pot laws put youth at risk: drug policy centre


We still have a long way to go before the Oct 19th Federal election and the campaign is getting goofier by the day.

Steve says that Canadians do not want pot legalized. Such a

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North Cowichan Prepare To Empty And Then Refill Their Massive Aquatic Centre Pool During Drought

North Cowichan Mayor Jon Lefebure

CHEK TV and CBC News ran stories about the Island Savings Aquatic Centre (The Cowichan Community Centre Pool)- being drained and then refilled.

North Cowichan Mayor Jon Lefebure

This is outrageous when residents and

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Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi on rumoured LNG project in Cowichan-Malahat-Langford

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 6.55.24 PM

STATEMENT – Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi on rumoured LNG project in Cowichan-Malahat-Langford

August 12, 2015

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the Malahat First Nation and Steelhead LNG are planning to announce a liquified natural gas (LNG) project.

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Malahat Chief Michael Harry Has Resigned!



Word of the mass resignation of the Malahat Nation Chief and Council has been directed to Cowichan Conversations.

But there were conflicting reports regarding whether or not the full Council also has stepped

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A glimpse into the unexplainable and unwarranted CVRD firing of Bob McDonald

Former CVRD Recycling Manager Bob McDonald. A valuable asset lost.

Originally published in the South Cowichan Echo.

By Peter W. Rusland

Peter Rusland

A veil of legal secrecy concerning severance of several Cowichan region staffers was lifted in documents obtained by the Chemainus Courier

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Malahat Nation intends to announce an LNG project.


Here is another shocker for Vancouver Island and Gulf Island communities.

It appears that LNG Tankers may soon be plying our waters as the Malahat Nation and Steelhead LNG forge a partnership that could bring

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