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Jian GhomeshiCBC cuts ties with Jian Ghomeshi


Cowichan Bay CVRD Director Lori Iannidinardo Bodger-ELECTION 2014: Cow Bay incumbent wants to stay the course, challenger seeks overhaul


Jian Ghomeshi: One woman, actor Lucy DeCoutere, alleges she was slapped and choked without her consent.


Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Like so many Canadians I jumped onto the bandwagon in defence of Jian Ghomeshi. It was a knee jerk reaction and my earlier comments mocking the CBC management were out of line. I apologize.

‘Q’ was one of Canadian Radio’s best and I mourn its’ passing but it is over and so is Jian.

His carefully structured Facebook disclosure was a signal that crisis management was in play. His attempts at marginalizing the women speaking out to reporters underlined a powerful, wealthy male power play, but it was too slick.

Now my concern have shifted to the women who must stand up and shed light on the sordid events they say they experienced at the hands of Ghomeshi.

Yes, it is early, but what would their motivation be to relive and reveal their experience , if not true. Now there is eight, will there be more? I expect so.

Canadian television actor Lucy DeCoutere has decided to stand up publicly and that could encourage more women to come forward.

The momentum has shifted and if charges are laid with the police against Ghomeshi then this drama will really escalate.

Here is Kevin Donavan and Jesse Brown’s Special report published in the Toronto Star.

Eight women from across Canada now accuse former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi of abusive behaviour ranging from allegations of beating and choking without consent, to workplace sexual harassment.

Read the entire article here. 

There are a number of posts on the ‘Left Side’ that are worth a look, especially this story that appeared in the Georgia Straight by a Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter frontline street worker Hillin Kerner.




Rafe Mair–Shell Game: Public being fooled by great BC LNG illusion


By Rafe Mair

We are allowing ourselves to be mesmerized over Liquified Natural Gas (LNG).

Perhaps we’re doing this to ourselves but the sad fact is that the government’s total ineptitude is not the only story. Not that that isn’t a big story. In fact, it was magnified last week when the Liberals set their tax regime for LNG companies.

It was not 7% or anything near it. It was not even 3.5% as reported – at least in the short term. In fact, for years it will be just 1.5% and assessed, to use the vernacular, on the company’s net profit.

Magically disappearing profits

As Andrew Nikiforuk has pointed out so often, this may well be illusory.

There is, of course, the use of offshore regimes to disguise profits. It may well be like the film industry, where many an offer of a substantial percentage of future profits has been offered the author, only to find that – surprise! surprise! – there were no profits. Probably the classic example of this is our own Bill Kinsella, whose marvellous story Shoeless Joe was made into the runaway hit, Field Of Dreams, which somehow never made a profit.

Of one thing we can be certain – LNG companies will use every possible stratagem to avoid showing profits.

“Clean” LNG? Yeah, right

Read More Here

Ghomeshi is out of luck says Employment Lawyer Levitt


Four to Elect School District 79-Barrett, Buckner, Foster, Oxman




*I will also be voting for Amy Matamba*


Elizabeth May Defends Jian Ghomeshi Amid Allegations Of Violence Against Women–Then Recants

Richard Hughes-Politically Speaking

Richard Hughes-Politically Speaking

The CBC fired Jian Ghomeshi and now they are facing a 55 million dollar lawsuit for defamation and breaking confidences.

This may rank as the bonehead move of the decade for the CBC, who have also had problems with Don Cherry in the past.

I have not been able to come up with anything that resembles evidence or even identifiable sources of the complaints.  It is very difficult to fully land on this until evidence is made available. Anything less does not justify the firing of  Jian Ghomeski.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May recants

Until then the CBC Brain Trust are in for a very rough ride stemming from the legal charges they face for firing Canada’s favourite broadcaster and the ever-growing storm of protest from Canadians coast to coast.

Green Party leader and MP Elizabeth May came out clearly outraged by their decision and then later recants.

Here is the Huffington Post story


Island Savings Takeover — A Bad Deal-Vote No


Keep Island Savings Local




By Don Skerik

Regarding the take over of Island Savings by First West. I have attended three of the ISCU membership meetings and at each it seemed there were more staff than members attending. At one meeting on two occasions I was in conversation with other members and had my conversation intruded upon by management.  I wonder if this is the new culture being introduced by First West.

The information provided at each meeting seemed to consist of threats to the members and staff that if this merger does not go through there will be layoffs and Branch closures. The last financial statements I saw showed ISCU to be in very good financial shape.

I have been told by a former manager of ISCU that First West’s loan loss provisions have increased substantially in the past two years. Maybe First West is in financial difficulties and is using ISCU to bail them out.

The information I thought that could have been presented at the membership meetings was the financial analysis that shows the take over is necessary. To my surprise there has been no financial evidence provided for the members to evaluate. I asked on two occasions to see this onfo and was told that it was in the safe and the only way to see it was with Randy Bertsch’s assistance. In my opinion this is the information that should have been provided at the membership meetings. I’m not sure how the staff are able to support this proposal without seeing the financial analysis. From my understanding the staff only have job protection for two years.

I am voting NO to this proposal and urge other members to do the same. Let’s keep Island Savings local.

Island Savings Credit Union Merger Is Bigger Better? Not In My Experience.

Island Savings Credit Union Merger

By David Ridley

Is bigger better?  Not in my experience.  The directors of Island Savings tell us that we will all benefit by being absorbed by a larger conglomerate on the mainland.

The advantages, we are told, are numerous.  We will get free checking accounts, we will be able to compete more efficiently with the big banks and there will be no jobs lost. 

On top of this  we will still control Island Savings. Not so!


Make no mistake, this is a merger not a partnership, despite the glib advertising. This merger means that our members lose control of our Credit Union. 
All of our considerable assets are handed over to First West. Instead of electing a full board of directors we will only be able to vote for three. 

These three will themselves appoint a committee to help them in the task of keeping up to date on our needs.

So we get  more bureaucracy in exchange for less input into the decision making process.

If this merger is approved then Island Savings ceases to be a legal entity. We may keep the name, but what happens to any agreements made with members and staff?

It will take a team of lawyers to work out if those promises are valid when Island Savings ceases to exist.

I am unconvinced by the arguments made by our Board of Directors and shall vote No!  
David Ridley 
Lake Cowichan

Dave Haywood Joins A Crowded Field Of North Cowichan Hopefuls


Dave Haywood

David Haywood





Dave graduated from Dartmouth High, Nova Scotia in 1960 and then attended Dalhousie University for 2 years in engineering programs. Shortly after relocating to Victoria in 1962, he started working full time for B.C. Forest Products as a sawmill labourer.

Promoted to staff as Employment clerk later that year, he advanced to more senior employee relations positions at Renfrew Logging, Crofton Pulp and Paper and to the Vancouver Head Office in 1978. Returning to North Cowichan in 1983, Dave’s new position in senior management at the Crofton Division was Industrial Relations Manager, retiring after 38 years service with the company, in January 2000.

In total, he has now been a North Cowichan home owner 43 years.
Married in 1964, to wife Betty, they have 2 children and 2 grandchildren, all now residing in North Cowichan.


10 YEARS –SCHOOL TRUSTEE S.D.#65 (Cowichan) 1969-1978 now (S.D.#79 Cowichan Valley

Chairman of the Board 1970-1971  Finance committee member 10 years.

Chairman Joint CVRD–S.D.#69 Cowichan Community Center Building Committee




2000-2002 appointed by Mayor Hollett to Finance Committee. Under his tutoring for 3 years, Dave was taught tight fiscal control of Municipal spending resulting in lowest possible tax increases while maintaining reasonable municipal services . REX knew the meaning of the word “NO, not this year let’s re-consider next year”

2004 Re-elected in a by-election replacing Jean Crowder. Re-Elected 2005-2007. Under Mayor Lefebure, on his Finance Committee but under much different circumstances. “NO” was a word not heard often. Start of major industry taxation shift to residential taxation.

Pool referendum passed by 51%.

2008-2011 Re-elected under Mayor Walker. On his finance committee, but financial circumstances were very difficult for Council.  The new Cowichan Aquatic Center capital and operating costs were emerging; legal issues regarding major industry taxation, and non-payment of taxes by Catalyst Paper was forcing us to do interm borrowing; and Chemainus water legal action initiated by the Halalt Band resulted in cessation to community of new, much improved deep well water supply continuation.


Since 2002, over the last 12 years, North Cowichan’s residential general municipal taxes have” skyrocketed”. On our home, Tax dollars are UP 253%( would have been much higher if the assessment appeal for 2013 had not been sucessful), that’s an 11% compounded tax increase in each of the last 12 years. No other taxing authority in NORTH COWICHAN (Provincial or CVRD) has come close to this unprecedented % increase.

That increase is NOT sustainable and  residential properties NEED IMMEDIATE RELIEF.  Residential tax reductions would be very difficult but, with COUNCIL’S determination and prudent management, COUNCIL can cut back on current municipal spending, avoiding any residential tax increase in the next 4 years.

This is possible and can be done, maintaining all reasonable municipal services, without employee layoffs of any staff. Any employee down sizing would only occur from retirements and other terminations, and there would be less contractor work, with a more frugal approach to future wage and salary increases, not now covered under a negotiated collective agreement.

Authorized by David Haywood, Financial Agent, 250-748 7585  

Deb Foster Candidate–Your Choice For Cowichan Public Schools


Rob Douglas–Upcoming North Cowichan Campaign Events

Rob Douglas

Rob Douglas


Upcoming Events

With the November 15th election just around the corner, there are several upcoming events in the North Cowichan campaign.

I will be holding meet and greets in Chemainus and Crofton this week to hear from residents about their concerns, and next week there will be an all candidates meeting in Chemainus.



Chemainus Meet and Greet – Wednesday, October 29, 8:00 to 10:00 a.m., Book Nook Cafe, 2958 Oak St.

Crofton Meet and Greet – Saturday, November 1, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., Mike’s Cafe, 1578 Joan Avenue.

Chemainus All Candidates Meeting – Tuesday, November 4, 6:30 to 9:00 p.m., Chemainus Secondary School, 9947 Daniel Street

Please spread the word, and thanks for your support!

Rob Douglas

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