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oldgloryIndependence Day -An Excellent TimeTo Remember that Stephen Harper Is No Tory

harperiraq.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxDon’t buy what Stephen Harper’s selling with ISIS-Justin Trudeau attack ad: Mallick

Prince Charles

Prince Charles: rewire the global economy to stop climate change
Steve cowboyHarper targets Liberals, NDP: 'Canadians will choose security over risk'

hep-cMeasles death in Washington state 1st in U.S. since 2003

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair asks a question during question period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on June 15, 2015. A report published online by Maclean's magazine says NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair was in discussions in 2007 to join the Conservative party as a senior adviser on the environment to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
Top federal Conservatives back Tom Mulcair’s explanation for 2007 talks, contradicting Maclean’s report

su2_290_435_90Our home on Native land. The celebration of colonization in Canada

30Canuck star Daniel Sedin selling his Shaughnessy mansion for $5.9 million

Vancouver Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini speaks during a news conference in Vancouver Tuesday, April 15, 2008.  The Canucks fired general manager Dave Nonis Monday.  THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward
Are the Aquilini's The Right Ownership Fit For The Vancouver Canucks?

ches-macharperConservative candidate rejected for performing "MacHarper" Shakespearean comedy

mulcair-2NDP the party most-trusted by Canadian families, poll shows

6860868769_e6603fe086_z_0Alberta Takes First Step to Clamp Down on Carbon Emissions
IMG_1420-300x224Wildfire burning near homes in Port Hardy-CHEK-TV Video

Mulcair1Maclean's pushes non-story about Mulcair joining Harper team in 2007. Why now?

background_blue_sun-733x641STILL NO END IN SIGHT TO HOT, DRY WEATHER

CI9CQ1KUAAASzoQWildfire Burning North of Ladysmith

health_researchers_-_image_of_pills-capsulesIs Big Pharma Behind Clark's Health Firings?

Dean Del MastroThe cheaters on Harper's watch

House of CommonsIt's Liberal vs. New Democrat as de facto campaign begins

Anti-Terrorism-Act_RGBCanada’s wrong turn on terrorism

JessicaErnstWater_600pxSupreme Court Rejects Argument to Dismiss Landmark Fracking Case

be8eee9f-8135-48dd-949a-0e2dd5af3192-1020x612Dutch Government Ordered TO Cut Carbon Emissions in Landmark Ruling

cb75e18c-2b1c-4a06-b7c8-cd4a8c62e95a-bestSizeAvailableJoseph Stiglitz: how I would vote in the Greek referendum
Greek-bank-run-009This referendum is a fight between the Greeks and Europe’s cruel capitalism

Paul-Stamets-620x264He Holds the Patent that Could Destroy Monsanto and Change the World

web-rb-co-vanharten-0629The FIPA with China restricts Canada's options on climate change

feec5482-7d71-4b1f-b895-c55e22fd504bThe G7 85-Year Carbon Pledge is Laughable

gay_mariage_610px_jun_28_15Same Sex Marriage A Civil Right--Vile and Disgusting Says Harper

toronto-pride-parade-20150628Thomas Mulcair's NDP leads in national polls as climactic summer begins

CBC LogoCBC Seeks Takedown of Conservative Ad

stephen-harperNew Harper PAC could violate Elections Act

transgenderJohn Oliver defends transgender rights on Last Week Tonight:

burning_coal-1Time for Canadian pensions to grapple with climate risk

BC-govt-hires-accounting-firm-to-give-fracking-a-green-stampBC govt hires accounting firm to give fracking a green stamp

Angry SteveWhat Happens to a Fear Merchant When People Stop Buying?

CVRD and United Steelworkers Reach Tenative Agreement

grizzly_bears_great_bear_rainforest_-_ian_mcallister_imc2627_w3000Coastal grizzly hunt territories eyed for purchase by First Nations, enviros

Peggy NashIndustry critic Peggy Nash says an NDP government would slash Canada's carbon footprint

Andrew WeaverThe Passing of Bill 20 — A Sad Day for Democracy in British Columbia

del-mastro.jpg.size.large.promoDel Mastro sentence shows election laws will be enforced: Editorial

Premier Christy Clark
Premier Clark admits defeat, drops her jobs plan

iceland-arrest-bankers-620x264Iceland’s Move To Jail Its Bankers Has Saved Its Economy

NOTLEYJPG-224x300Reflection On The End Of The Alberta NDP’S First Session

MayWhy Is Elizabeth May Helping Elect Conservatives?

goldfish5.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxGiant goldfish swarm in Toronto waters

scotus-gaymarriage-getty_custom-75d7bf20c1af58cf1587278c07c7eef0312c4b8c-s800-c85US Supreme Court Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal

fraser_river_near_chilliwack_0LNG plant proposal for the Fraser River raises serious questions

dogsNew bylaw sets up $500 fine for those leaving dogs in hot vehicles

friendlydronefireVeterans Urge Drone Operators to Refuse Orders to Fly

1200x-1The Shale Industry Could Be Swallowed By Its Own Debt

election_can_signHarper's voter suppression plan: Coming soon to a polling station near you

11147805B.C. is a divided province, new book on inequality shows

tarsands-redux-47Would an Oilsands Moratorium Be in Alberta’s Own Self-Interest? This Group of Over 100 Scientists Thinks So

RAFE-"Harper-says-LNG-tankers-too-dangerous-for-East-Coast-but-OK-for-BC"RAFE-Harper says LNG tankers too dangerous for East Coast, but OK for BC?

pope-vaticanPope Francis urges 'decisive' climate change action

Fracking waterHas Fracking Peaked?

Nestle'sNestle Pays $2.25 to Bottle and Sell a Million Litres of BC Water

beeinsectideScientists discover what’s killing the bees and it’s worse than you thought

Thomas-Mulcair-235x300NDP committed to proportional representation

elections-canada.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxElections Canada warns voters about new ID requirements for 2015 election

5e583cd3-b7b6-4a28-90f4-40f3fa3569eaThe New of Wave of Food Co-ops

1_20B.C. wants feds to stay out of environmental assessment for Fraser River LNG project

wolfsangel-ukraine-300x199U.S. House Admits Nazi Role in Ukraine


Greek referendum: Alexis Tsipras hails victory for No campaign – live updates

Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes

The Eurozone is at best a mechanism for corporate control and convenience. The powerhouse nations like Germany, Britain and France have disproportionate wealth as compared to other countries such as Italy, Spain and of course Greece.

Instead of lifting up struggling economies it seemed more to be designed to engage in despicable pilfering of the poorer nations through austerity programs. They can call it whatever they want but it is shameless wealth transfer to the benefit of the most financially powerful players who control the ‘Eurozone’ agenda.

Today the Greeks backed their socialist Prime Minister Alexis Tsiras and defied the tainted corporate news rigged polls and scare mongering by delivering a very clear and emphatic NO!

The challenges will continue but the Greeks today voted to face the struggle in their own name and not to be co-opted by the Eurozone bullies.


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

Tsipras: We have proved democracy cannot be blackmailed

Greece’s prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, is addressing the nation now.

Today, he says, Greece has proved that democracy cannot be blackmailed; Greeks have made a brave choice, and one which will change the debate in Europe.

I understand that voters have not given me a mandate against Europe, but a mandate for a sustainable solution.

And he warns that there are no easy solutions — but a fair solution can be found, if both sides want it.

The Guardian is covering this with live and updated coverage.

Sanders backs Greek voters

“I applaud the people of Greece for saying ‘no’ to more austerity,” he says.

US Senator Bernie Sanders

US Senator Bernie Sanders

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders expressed support for Greeks who voted against creditors’ calls for austerity measures in exchange for new loans by widely rejecting such demands on Sunday.

“I applaud the people of Greece for saying ‘no’ to more austerity for the poor, the children, the sick and the elderly,” Sanders (I-Vt.) said in a statement on his website.

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Water, Water Everywhere. Well that is what they told us. Now what ?

Cowichan River in crisis

Richard Hughes-Your Humble Blogger

Isn’t it odd that the stranger something is the less explanation we get from our governments.

Take the recent deals where the BC Liberal government got tough with Nestle’s and

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Heave Steve Cowichan Style


Photo courtesy of Peter Rusland

The Council of Canadians (Cowichan) determined to see a return to our Canada sans Steve Harper gathered in 34 degree heat to send a clear message. Heave Steve!


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Harperman- It’s Time For You To Go!

Angry Steve

Council of Canadians Ready to Heave Steve


They have a HEAVE STEVE banner and are planning to meet under the City of Duncan sign just south of

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More on the Cowichan Move To ‘Heave Steve’ – Council of Canadians


By Donna Cameron Cowichan Valley Chapter of the Council of Canadians  

I was inspired by the Heave Steve video on You Tube by musicians in Prince Albert including Lon Borgerson.

I asked my

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Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day


Council of Canadians Ready to Heave Steve


They have a HEAVE STEVE banner and are planning to meet under the City of Duncan sign just south of Duncan at 5 pm on Thursday, July 2nd. Everyone is invited.

If you could get

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The Greens Could Deliver The Upcoming Election To Steve!

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May

Richard Hughes-Your Humble Blogger

The conundrum of electing our governments based on a ‘First Past the Post’ system has never been as clear as it is today with an October Federal Election just around

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Cowichan River Is Drying Up
Raise The Weir!


Richard Hughes-Your Humble Blogger

The Cowichan River is at an all time low for this time of year. It is time to develop a long term plan that assures proper management of the river

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West Coast Environmental Law Supports Community Action Regarding Proposed Gravel Mine on Balme Ayre Farm

A petition to the Supreme Court of British Columbia has been filed on behalf of concerned Cowichan Valley residents by Ms. McKenzie requesting a judicial review of the Agricultural Land Commission’s approval to extract

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CVRD CAO Brian Carruthers Reveals The Details Of Court Action To Stop SIA Cold.

CVRD CAO Brian Carruthers

Richard Hughes

The CVRD has spent over 3 years and well in excess of 600,000 dollars of our money flip flopping about over the South Island Aggregates (SIA) plan to import 5 million tonnes

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Rob Douglas & Roger Hart’s Big Idea Series Focuses On Small Business in Cowichan—Local Ownership

Rob Douglas

Does local ownership of the economy matter?

Rob Douglas

Here is Big Idea No.5 Local Ownership from Rob Douglas and Roger Hart regarding economic development and the potential of expanding co-operatives in

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The Senator Bernie Sanders Video That You Must See-Canadians As Well!


Senator Bernie Sanders has guts, passion and intelligence. His Presidential bid is gathering steam and ever growing support. He is speaking truth to power, he is not pulling his punches.

What a refreshing change from

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1. “LAUDATO SI’, mi’ Signore” – “Praise be to you, my Lord”. In the words of this beautiful canticle, Saint Francis of Assisi reminds us that our common home is like a sister with

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Rob Douglas & Roger Hart’s Big Idea Series Focuses On Small Business in Cowichan

Rob Douglas

Here is Big Idea No.4: Small Business Supports from Rob Douglas and Roger Hart regarding economic development and the potential of expanding co-operatives in the Cowichan Region.

It is encouraging to see and hear about

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The CVRD Has Amended Their Petition Over Bylaws To Halt SIA’s Contaminated Site Facility

CVRD Logo2

Here is the CVRD’s late Friday release. In communications circles late Fridays are the time to deliver unpleasant news, firings, and the like.

I spoke with CAO Brian Carruthers and he confirmed that the change

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Jon Stewart Speaks Out About the Murder of Nine People At The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina

Jon Stewart

With Jon Stewart set to leave The Daily Show in a matter of months, the show has already started paying tribute to its longtime host. And while funny montages are nice, last night Stewart

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Protesters Blockade Contaminated Soil Site in Shawnigan Lake


Protesting Shawnigan residents show no signs of giving up or backing down over the BC Liberal government’s approval allowing South Island Aggregates (SIA) to dump 5 million tonnes of contaminated soils on their Stebbings

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Alberta NDP throne speech brings spending, taxes, and a strange PC flame-out


Don Braid

The Alberta NDP were elected, an amazing feat in a province long dominated politically by the Progressive Conservative dynasties of over forty years.

Oil and Gas and the corporate interest drove their

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The Drought Is Upon Us–This Could Be Good News–Or Bad News — Depending On How We Respond.


The watering restriction notices are out throughout the Cowichan Valley. The systems operated by the Cowichan Valley Regional District and some of the Water Improvement Districts have issued directives, so far on a voluntary basis,

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NC Councillor Rob Douglas-Roger Hart—Big Idea No. 3: Community Investment Funds

Rob Douglas

Here is the Big Idea No.3 from Rob Douglas and Roger Hart regarding economic development and the potential of expanding co-operatives in the Cowicham Region.

Big Idea No.3: Community Investment Funds

Rob Douglas-North Cowichan

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Rafe Mair- Woodfibre LNG Plant–LNG Tanker Traffic–Fraser River LNG Terminal


It seems that for some considerable time the whole fracking and LNG play was over there, up north, away from our direct experience, and to a degree we were spared the impacts to our

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Koch Brothers–It’s the Evil Thing!



Steves–BC Doesn’t Need Site C Dam

HArold Steves

It is incredible that our BC Liberal government, prodded along by the foreign owned LNG corporations, are still pushing ahead with building a massive Site C Dam.

We do not need the energy and

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CBC-Truth and Reconciliation Commission Findings Must Be Acted Upon, Aboriginal Student Says


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission is out, many of us have welcomed the report, its’ findings, and its opportunity to face but not accept the incomprehensible abuse that native families and children experienced in residential

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Superfood Growing Super Well in Cowichan


Here is a good news, good feel story by the Citizen’s editor Andrea Rondeau. Originally published in the Cowichan Valley Citizen Friday, June 5th, 2015

Nice to see well done Della & Ron.


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Meanwhile Back at the BC legislature…More BC Liberal Bullshit Over Contaminated Soils Dumped In Shawnigan Watershed!


South Peace River BC Liberal MLA Mike Bernier did not arrive, he was sent!

The BC Liberal’s Mike Bernier reads a prepared statement on SIA and contaminated soil (Video)

Peace River South

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Rafe: What Tom Mulcair must do to become Prime Minister


We are living in a state of political turmoil and uncertainty. Never in our history have we as Canadians looked into the face of facism at home, until we elected PM Steve Harper.

His latest

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Alistair MacGregor Campaign Party–Saturday June 6th at the Duncan United Church on 246 Ingram Street, Duncan BC. Doors will open at 5:30 PM.

Alistair Victory

Alistair MacGregor Campaign Party

Our NDP Candidate for Cowichan-Malahat-Langford

Rob Douglas-North Cowichan Councillor

Hello Everyone:

I am hosting a campaign party for my friend Alistair MacGregor, our new NDP candidate for Cowichan-Malahat-Langford.

A 25-year

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Bill Routley questions the Minister on why SIA is open for business without having met the permit conditions- (Video)

Bill Routley

It appears that the BC Libs are monitoring Shawnigan’s SIA contaminated soils site with same careless approach that they used in Mount Polley.