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mary_and_jesus_in_persian_miniatureThere's Something About A Headscarf

NOTLEYJPG-224x300Alberta just announced a major new strategy to fight climate change. Guess who has their back?

iStock_000048654014_MediumWhy it took one American expat 30 years to become a Canadian

AnonymaskISIL Says Anonymous Are Idiots But Anonymous Shows Who the Real Idiots Are

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Canada Prime Minster Trudeau Orders Justice Minister to Legalize Cannabis

Monsanto tomatoeFrench Court Finds Monsanto Guilty of Chemical Poisoning

si-220-trevor-aaronsonQ&A: The FBI's role in 'manufacturing' terrorism

john-nuttall-and-amanda-korodyB.C. Canada Day terror plot trial judge says RCMP may have acted illegally

images.duckduckgo.comVIDEO: Air Force Whistleblowers Risk Prosecution to Warn That Drones Kill Civilians and Fuel Terror

evo-morales-habla-de-hugo-chavezBolivia declares Israel a terrorist state, 42 years of visa free travel called off

BC NDP Leader John Horgan
PowerBC is a better plan for a brighter future


shawnigan-land-fill-south-island-aggregatesMinistry considers suspending Shawnigan contaminated-soil landfill 

PHLW129-Obama+Canada+Asia+AObama expects Canada to sign TPP despite Liberals’ reserved stance

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.06.50 AMParis Attackers Weren’t Refugees, According to Top EU Official

19kristof_newsletter-master675They Are Us!

anonymousAnonymous Takes Down 5,500 ISIS Accounts – 24 Hours After ISIS Called them “Idiots”

refugees-airplane-greece610pxWhy Canada Can Safely Meet Its Refugee Commitments

refugeecentre-8colVancouver refugee centre 'first of its kind in the world'

8d3d12ce47933f0de576f0f9a88a2871YES to Syrians refugees in Canada

HorganOpposed to Site C, NDP Has a Plan B

Rafe-BCNDP-convention-shows-they-still-dont-get-itRafe: BCNDP convention shows they still don’t get it on LNG

Andrew Nikiforuk
Fracking Regulation on Trial in Andrew Nikiforuk's 'Slick Water'

France Newspaper AttackMuslims saved many Parisians as Paris attacks unfolded

beirut-blast-scene-hezbollah-syria-crisis-nov-12-2015Why do we mourn for Paris but not Beirut?

22427166123_b5a5a13553_zOur solidarity with Paris is embarrassingly misguided


Glenn Greenwald on “Submissive” Media’s Drumbeat for War and “Despicable” Anti-Muslim Scapegoating

Richard 'Hub' HughesWe are facing a new crisis and the war over who can frame the most effective strategy is on steroids. The Corporate MSM, even the CBC, is fomenting division, suspicion and fear.

Bunching ISIS up with Syrian refugees is a main focus and of course it will be embraced by many, just as refusal to allow desperate Jews and Sikhs asylum was done in the past. Have we learned nothing?

It is time to declare a war on war and escalate a march to peace in our time. It is far more affordable, desirable and achievable.

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales host Democracy Now. Their guest is Glenn Greenwald, a champion of journalists with a lot to say and a lot worth listening to.

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, media coverage has seen familiar patterns: uncritically repeat government claims, defend expansive state power, and blame the Muslim community for the acts of a few.

We discuss media fear mongering, anti-Muslim scapegoating, ISIL’s roots, and war profiteering with Glenn Greenwald, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and co-founder of The Intercept.

“Every time there’s a terrorist attack, Western leaders exploit that attack to do more wars,” Greenwald says. “Which in turn means they transfer huge amounts of taxpayer money to these corporations that sell arms.

And so investors are fully aware that the main people who are going to benefit from this escalation as a result of Paris are not the American people or the people of the West — and certainly not the people of Syria — it is essentially the military-industrial complex.”


Rafe: Not all immigrants created equal in Canada…and that needs to change


Originally posted in the Common Sense Canadian

By Rafe Mair

Before starting, let me state that there is no excusing the massacre in Paris, nor 9/11. When it comes to death of innocent civilians

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Maroc-When Is War, War?

Don Maroc

Don Maroc

One thing we can feel secure about, a lot of out neighbours seem to know a great deal about what’s happening in Paris, France and Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, and all the other

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Stand Together, Shawnigan, Stand Strong


By Sonia Furstenau-Shawnigan CVRD Director

Dear Shawnigan

A few nights ago I posted on Facebook about the weariness that we all feel – the weariness that comes from having to fight so hard and

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Fundraiser for Syrian Refugees – Silver Bridge Inn 140 TCH-Duncan 7:30PM

Plan Canada

Our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that we will welcome 25,000 refugees by years end.

Locally a fundraising event organized by Matraea Centre and the Cowichan Intercultural Society has been set up for

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NDP Leader John Horgan Demands That The Environment Minister Suspend SIA Operations Until Court Cases Can Be Heard


Stephen Hume: Drinking-Water Warning Brushed Aside By Province

sia truck

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

The three and a half year controversy surrounding South Island Aggregates (SIA) being permitted, by the BC Liberal government, to deposit contaminated soils and other toxic substances in the sensitive Shawnigan

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Shawnigan residents deserve clean, safe water. Protest 7-9AM Near SIA Entrance-Stebbings Rd.


Shawnigan residents deserve clean, safe water.

Please join Area Director Sonia Furstenau and Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver.

Let’s stand together to protect the place we live and love.

7-9am Monday November 16th near the

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CVRD Politicians Can Improve The Despised Alternate Approved Process (AAP)


Don Maroc

Process, the steps through which government bylaws and regulations must pass to become the law of the land, are both the boon and the bane of government bureaucrats as they guide the

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Richard ‘Hub’ Hughes

It would appear that the greedy SIA crew are dumping every BC Government approved truckload of filthy contaminated soil that they can manage, as they have an open window following a

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Mouseland – with Kiefer Sutherland & Tommy Douglas

Tommy Douglas

Injunction Sought: SIA Attempt to Muzzle Shawnigan Folk Hero ‘Shemama’ Shelagh Bell Irving and Shawna Green-Updated Including Legal Charges

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.55.14 PM

SIA and ‘Shemama’ Shelagh Bell-Irving-A Study In Contrasts


The South Island Aggregates (SIA) outfit is a classic example of greed driven capitalists without conscience. They have little if any concern for their neighbours, Shawnigan

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JEFF RUBIN – Why the oil sands no longer make economic sense


The Oil and Gas crowd are an addicted and confused force that take up air and space at a time when change is begging for action.

Somewhat like the ‘Flat Earther’s refusal to get that

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AAP Confusion – Lake Cowichan speaks


Here is a report originally posted on Local Eye Online. Susan Down adds a new voice and presence to the Cowichan Valley community media choices. BY SUSAN DOWN ON NOVEMBER 6, 2015 NEWS NUGGETS

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Cowichan Media Savvy Entrants Broaden Our Media Choices

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 8.19.47 PM

A number of Cowichan Valley based media savvy entrants have stepped up this year to broaden media choices. This may be due in part to the Cowichan News Leader being shut down in a callous

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Tommy Douglas-The Arrows of Desire

Tommy Douglas

Freedom the press is sadly being trumped by freedom of information policies in play at our Cowichan Valley Regional District.





By Peter W. Rusland-Originally published in the South Cowichan Echo

Peter Rusland

Freedom the press is sadly being trumped by freedom of information policies in play at our Cowichan Valley

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Exact reasons for the firing of the CVRD’s former manager of water management, David Leitch, may never be known


By Peter W. Rusland-Originally published in the South Cowichan Echo

Peter Rusland

Exact reasons for the 2014 firing of the Cowichan Valley Regional District’s former manager of water management, David Leitch, may never be

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Newly Elected Malahat First Nation Chief Caroline Harry is dead against the Steelhead LNG deal and its potential impact on the fish-bearing Saanich Inlet.

Peter Rusland


South Cowichan Echo reporter Peter Rusland has sent us this story, originally published in the South Cowichan Echo.

Peter tells of an amazing triumph, the election of a new chief and Band Council. Caroline

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A Story of Help and Transformation– Yonatan Shapir–VIA Cowichan Campus-November 6th 10:30AM-Room 140-Admission Free



By Harry Berbrayer

On Friday November 6, at 10:30 a.m., Yonatan Shapira, a Jewish Israeli activist for peace and justice for Israelis and Palestinians, will speak in Theatre 140, the ground floor

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Council of Canadians Present ‘This Changes Everything-The Documentary

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.48.35 PM

Pierre Berton Instructs Us How To Roll A Joint


Now that Justin Trudeau is about to be sworn in as Canada’s new Prime Minister marijuana legalization is just around the corner.

To all those God fearing law abiding Canadians out there who always wanted

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The NDP Lost The Election When They Stopped Being The Social Conscience Of Canada


Don Maroc

Coming out of the starting gate with what they thought was a good lead the New Democratic Party (NDP) achieved a position of irrelevance in last week’s Parliamentary elections. They were bounced

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It is likely the Liberal government under Justin Trudeau will like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Don Maroc

Don Maroc

It is likely the Liberal government under Justin Trudeau will like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) almost as much as the Conservatives under What’s His Name.

So it’s probably a waste

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Walking into that vast glittering station, we find huddled families sleeping and eating on floors.


Peter Nix

At the end of our 6 month low-carbon travels (no flying, no cruise ships), my wife and I want to witness the refugee crisis – 30,000 people were fleeing into Europe that

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Prime Minister Ponders Who Might Be Best as His Minister of Environment

Green Leader Elizabeth May

Trudeau invites May, other leaders to join UN climate summit delegation


Our new Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau has already turned Ottawa right side up and his election victory is still less than a week old.

The divisions among the citizens and politicians will take

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Hey Alistair, So I Guess That You’ll Be Heading Off To Ottawa?


Raeside–So, I Guess You’ll Be Heading Off To Ottawa?

CVRD Curbside Collection Survey-What’s Happening?

CVRD Logo2

I see that the CVRD schemers and ‘Empire Builders’ along with their obedient functionaries are out yet again to try to bamboozle the citizens of the CVRD into supporting another attack against a private family

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ANALYSIS Let’s give Margaret Trudeau the respect she deserves


CBC-The return to 24 Sussex Dr. can’t be easy on a family whose early years were torn apart there

Richard ‘Hub’ Hughes

I scanned this earlier and put it up ‘On the ‘Left Side.’

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